about mabas

MABAS stands for Mutal Aid Box Alarm System and is a user-driven system designed to streamline the requesting and providing of emergency and fire services resources across Michigan for day to day mutual aid and for large scale events such as major fires, train derailments, tornadoes, wildfires, domestic or foreign terrorism and other events that may overwhelm local resources.

Michigan joins Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and several other Midwest states that have implemented the MABAS program. Currently, there are twenty-two MABAS divisions in Michigan covering the state's Emergency Management Regions: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Within these regions, there are 250 member fire departments, an Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, Technical Rescue Strike Teams, Hazardous Material Response Teams and an Incident Management Team. Several more divisions are in the process of forming.

MABAS-MI is one of approximately 20 states that are using Mutual Aid Net, a software application that is designed to serve as a resource database and mutual aid deployment tool. The development of Mutual Aid Net, or MANet, was funded by FEMA and accomplished under a contract with the International Association of Fire Chiefs which operates the system utilizing several hardened data server sites around to country to provide a highly reliable resource to fire and related emergency services.